May 28, 2011

A Walk In The Park Through Flora And Fauna

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Visitors who go to New York’s Central Park enjoy walking through the park’s flora and fauna everyday. This vast park offers a world of wildlife, plants, and flowers that many will find interesting. Squirrels can be seen scampering up trees and climbing on limbs by park visitors as they walk down the many walking trails of Central Park. An occasional coyote may be spotted on a hillside while turtles and other small wildlife may come out of Central Park’s foliage. Beautiful birds also inhabit this space, so for bird watchers, this park is a great place to visit. Central Park offers a wonderful array of different types of flowers such as daffodils and tulips that will catch a person’s eye. There is actually a conservatory inside the park where visitors can look at thousands of flowers every year. Several types of trees can be found within Central Park’s boundaries including maple and elm. Visitors who walk through the park during the autumn months will be delighted to see the beautiful, vibrant colors of the leaves upon the park’s trees.

Walking through lovely flora and wild fauna in Central Park will offer a relaxing time that visitors will not soon forget.

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