October 4, 2010

Take a nature park vacation: 5 recommended hot-spots

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When the crowded city streets start getting you down, it’s usually a signal for a change of scenery. You won’t find any more beautiful than in one of America’s national parks. These bastions of wild beauty serve as reminders that man cannot survive on broadband alone.

Acadia (Maine): Located off of Maine’s coast on the island of Mount Desert and on surrounding islands and the mainland, totaling over 47,000 acres. The reserve includes Cadillac Mountainone of the earliest spots to see sunrise in the U.S. Trust usit’s worth getting up early.

Denali (Alaska): This Alaskan park is named for the Athabaskan name for Mount McKinley, which means “the high one.” You can see an abundance of living wildlife and a number of historic sites which point to the park’s millennia-long past. Fossils of wading birds and theropods (bipedal dinosaurs) have been found in the area.


October 2, 2010

Rough it with ReserveAmerica.com

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I was shocked the other day to turn my head on the interstate and see that a new camping location had popped up just outside of town. That sort of random coincidence can be the beginning of a great environmental adventure, with little preparation needed. If you’re planning your trip in advance, though, I highly recommend checking out ReserveAmerica.com.The site’s large databases hold info on over 4,000 parks with over 300,000 campsites, including both federal and private sites. RA was responsible for moving the campground processing industry online, and processed the first such transaction in 1997. The listings stay up-to-date, alerting you to closed-sites and special accommodation details. Whether you’re bringing an RV or just the family dog, you’ll be able to find the site that’s best for you. For more information, visit the site or contact ReserveAmerica at http://www.reserveamerica.com/contact.do.