September 27, 2010

America’s most spacious zoos

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There’s nothing like a trip to the zoo. If you’ve ever visited one as a child, it’s tough to pick which memory is most vivid. Was it the monkeys swinging expertly through the trees? The lumbering elephants slowly crossing their pens? Perhaps the taste of fresh cotton candy in your mouth while watching the wolves bathe nonchalantly in the sun?Whatever it was, a zoo trip is a great gift to share with your family. Every local zoo deserves support, and you hopefully won’t have to go far to find one near you. If you’re interested in planning a more invested trip, though, you might be interested to know where you can find the largest zoos in America.Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Orlando, Florida) is Disney’s largest park, and also one of the largest zoos by space in the U.S. Covering more than 500 acres, the park houses around 1,700 animals and 250 species. Passage through the park brings you much closer to the wildlife than in other zoos. However, many other parks boast a larger variety of species.The Baltimore Zoo is 160 acres big and houses over 1,500 animals, but the true exhibit of variety is the San Diego Zoo. Over 107 acres, the park contains over 4,000 animals across and more than 880 species. It’s also one of only four locations in the world where you can see the Giant Panda, and an automated gondola lift provides a whole new perspective on the park. The Phoenix Zoo in Arizona also deserves mention as the largest non-profit park in the U.S. (125 acres).

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